Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm back! - hopefully!!

Well I'm not sure anyone has noticed or not but I have not been on my blog very much lately.  There have been all kinds of things going on here.  As a few of you know I have decided it's time for a career change.  I have been doing home day care for over 13 years!  I have been blessed with many wonderful children over the years but, it's time for a change.  A few months ago I enrolled into college!  At my age I'm not sure that makes me crazy or brave.  Either way I'm off on this new adventure, right now the plan is to start out slow -- I am getting the last of my prerequisites this year and will hopefully be starting in the nursing program in a little over a year.  I am still working two jobs so I didn't want to start out with too heavy of a course load. 
So what is my point - well bare with me!  I have not given up on blogging, or scrapping or carding.  I don't get near as much time to spend doing these things but I am going to try and make and effort to add a new post at least every other week hopefully every week - but no promises on that!


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